What’s the Plan?

To begin with…

we will import comfortable, funky fisherman pants. The goal is to sell those pants, send a significant portion of the profit to organizations and businesses that are working with rescued women and tell the story of what is happening in the trafficking world today.


if the initial round is successful we will broadening the product line to include other pieces of clothing and products that have been made by rescued women.


we would like to use generated revenue to partner with numerous organizations and build centers that will provide jobs, training and education for entire communities. We will fight the sex industry with the tools of the apparel industry.

What Needs to Happen Right Now?

November and December ’12

  • Connect with people and groups that are interested in helping in the anti-trafficking realm.
  • Contentify and beautify our website and online presence. (yes…I created a word there)
  • Begin consistent communication on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In and any other platform we can find!

December ’12 and January ’13

  • Provide an online platform where people can contribute to the first order of Made for Freedom pants.
  • Offer a printable Made for Freedom card for those making a contribution as a gift.
  • Make “Sex Trafficking: What is True and What to Do” presentations to groups that would like to know more.

January 31, 2013

  • If our crowdfunding goal has been met, the first order will be placed!

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