How Did We Get Here?

It all started with a pair of fisherman pants!

Several years ago, while living in Beijing, I took a much needed vacation to Thailand and bought my first pair of fisherman pants and became a huge fan. Friends have helped me acquire several pairs over the years and they are by far my favorite summer clothing.

Recently it seemed that every time I was wearing my fisherman pants women would come up to me and say, “Those are so cute. They look so comfortable! Where can I buy some?” I thought to myself, “I could start a business selling these…Wait!…I have no desire to sell pants for the sake of selling pants!”

About the same time I heard about businesses that were selling shoes, bags or handicrafts to impact the lives of people in desperate situations. I was also learning more about the horrors and magnitude of sex trafficking.

Fisherman pants, social enterprise business models and sex trafficking coalesced in my mind. My thoughts on starting a business changed. “If selling pants cam help victims of sex trafficking, I will sell pants!”

That was the beginning of seeking business advice, learning more about the sex industry, going to India to research and building the foundation for what is now “Made for Freedom”.

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