Made for Freedom exists to free and empower women from sex slavery; those at risk and rescued. Made for Freedom products and events will allow us to fight for women’s freedom through employment, partnerships and significant contributions.


Sex trafficking is fueled by many attitudes and beliefs, but often key factors are lack of opportunity and oppressive poverty. Made for Freedom wants to be part of providing opportunities for people in oppressive situations by providing places that can offer employment as well as education, training and safety.

Core Values

A chance for a better life for those who:
» are in situations in which avoiding enslavement is nearly impossible
» have previously been unable, but are interested in improving their lives

 A secure place from:
» employers who have previously caused abuse
» family members that have contributed to the abuse

A safe environment that is rich in:
» emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational restoration
» education for literacy, a trade, health and finance

A program which intentionally and systematically equips participants to:
» provide for themselves
» provide for their communities

That’s what we’re about – bringing freedom to trafficked women in India.